In our blog property owners share their knowledge of buying, owning and selling property abroad. This is an extremely useful resource for both property buyers and sellers. Learn what it's really like to live abroad, learn what to expect when making the transition, understand the buying and selling process and discover common pitfalls. Browse their articles below.

Spain's Costa Tropical
By Arpy Shively

Welcome to Spain's shapely coastline of gently developed properties and hidden beaches, where the sun ripens mangoes in summer and lights up the ski ... Read article

Granada Teterias
By Arpy Shively

The Alhambra is not Granada's only Moorish legacy. Read article

By Jim Northrop

Have you seen those pretty postcards of the town of Morlaix in Finistere? So colourful with beds of summer flowers, old houses all painted in quaint ... Read article

Making the move to Spain
By Mel Moody

Our first holiday to Spain - I guess looking back this journey must have started around 50 years ago with my first visit to Spain, Torremolinos was ... Read article

French town or countryside?
By Jim Northrop

Town or Countryside? - Escaping over-crowded Britain is a dream many hold dear. Read article

Tourism in Lozère
By Christine Cooper

Lozère is a sunny department situated in the South of France, close to the Mediterranean and has the lowest population density in France. Read article

Valencia City
By Arpy Shively

Viva Valencia! - Steering your car through Valencia’s evening commute provides all the machismo, perspiration and high drama of the bullring, ... Read article

Authenic Andalucia
By Arpy Shively

A fresh mountain morning in Lanjarón; I’m threading my way through the oncoming traffic of market-bound grannies, mums and kids. Read article

Running a B&B in France
By Christine Cooper

Find a property with tourist appeal - When I first moved to France in 2004, I had already had 20 years’ experience of running a B&B in England. Read article

Life on the Silver Coast
By Jane Callaghan

From ancient monuments to gorgeous beaches. From festivals to golf. From cheap food to friendly locals. Read article

A time warp in Spain
By Adèle Thorpe

Fast moving London - I live in Pimlico in Central London and a lot of my work until I retired and hobbies now take place in the City of London. Read article

Advice on moving to France
By Margaret Ager

Here are a few tips on some of the admin work that needs to be carried out when you move to France. Read article

Moving to Portugal
By Gaby Hughes

Australia - At 78 years and just a tad bored with my comfortably safe and complacent life on the east coast of Australia … and the neighbours’ daily ... Read article

Living in Spain
By Christina Bellenie

We retired in 2002 and moved to Cataluña, renting for a couple of years to see if the life in Spain suited us. Read article

Wines of the Loire
By John Dunkerley

If you are a lover of wine you cannot find a better place to live than in the Loire Valley. Read article

Buying privately
By Judie Burman

The first thing we would say about this is don’t be scared of the prospect of a private purchase! Estate Agents in France charge a very high ... Read article

Stone or Contemporary construction?
By Mike Welham

In the Limousine which is part of the Nouvelle Aquitaine there are stone properties as well as those of a more contemporary construction. Read article

Access in Rural France
By Mike Welham

Rural France which includes any place outside of a city or large town can be idyllic but when purchasing check the small print as to what is yours ... Read article

Customer Service in France
By Mike Welham

You know what customer service means in the UK along with that old adage that the customer is always right. Read article

It doesn't fit
By Mike Welham

The eco new build was progressing well, not mine, but that of our friends and they had reached the stage where they had to order the windows and the ... Read article

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