The Lost Land of King Arthur

A Peep into the Dark Secret Groves of Huelgoat

by Eve Northrop | April 2019
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Beauty spots

Huelgoat, in Brittany, is only 30 minutes away from our French property by car and is perhaps the most beautiful inland Brittany town I've visited.

The usual visit to the natural beauty spots in Huelgoat starts from the pretty lake with its quaint stone bridge. Here we find, on one side, the deep valley of the River Argent with its frothy waterfalls.

To one side of the river sits the 18th century Mill house surrounded by huge, mossy green boulders, small houses and flowers. On the other side of the bridge, is the still lake with its colourful townshops and eateries. Huelgoat is the stuff of fairy tales so do take a camera to capture it's magic.


The Honey Shop

The entrance to the secret forest is over the bridge and up the hill past the “Honey shop.” Here you will find a good supply of local honey in delicate flavours from flowers and trees growing in the area. 'Meillerie de Huelgoat' is known for its exquisite honey and, to be honest, I've never seen so much before. There is Cocoa honey or honey with nuts and Cocoa. Also, all types of exotic honey from special recipes. Also on sale is 'Metropolis', nougat and other interesting baked products with honey. Only a slight criticism is that the staff aren't particularly forthcoming, it's quite expensive honey so you want to know what they taste like. Do ask for a sample. Regardless if you want to buy or not, take time to visit.

The Grotto of Kind Arthur

Huelgoat Property

The steps down into the grove are numerous and mysterious so be prepared for surprises. Also wear good walking shoes. There is a line of steps that lead to the grotto of King Arthur and we are told he buried his money here (Argus Grotto). There is another line of steps that take you past the Virgin Mary's house-hold, where, with some imagination, you can see the crib of the baby Jesus. The most interesting grotto is one called 'The Devil's Grotto'. Don't miss it! There are many strange myths about the region such as when long ago a Celtic giant, when he got angry, threw rocks and boulders at the locals. The whole area is full of local myths embellished over time to suit visitor's curiosity.

The lake is particular stunning and is well place for the local hotel where there is a pizzeria. There are other eateries around and some in the town itself with a pub.

Huelgoat Brittany

Cakes and coffee to end the day

In the town itself, stop for a coffee and tart in the salon de tea. The tarts are amazing and the coffee hot and frothy. On sale too is bread and snacks. This makes for a perfect end to an enchanting visit to the lost land of King Arthur.

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