Jamaica: Once You Go, You Know

The irresistible allure of Jamaica's private estates

by Rose
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Think of Jamaica and you most likely think of its pulsating culture, wonderful weather, delightful food and spectacular scenery. Known for its lush and breathtaking landscape; Jamaica rightly draws visitors and second home owners from all over the world. It has countless international hotels, international schools, world-class hospitals, modern cruise ports, excellent road infrastructure and flight connections to many world hubs. Yet, aside from mass tourism, Jamaica is also frequented by (and home to!) an international jet-set and glitterati who are drawn to the privacy, tranquillity and enviable lifestyle that Jamaica's private estates offer. From royalty to music stars, filmstars to sporting icons, tech billionaires and the millionaire-next-door; Jamaica's private estates have an irresistible allure.

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Hummingbird Hall, a villa currently for sale, is located on one-such magnificent enclave: the Rose Hall Great House Estate. Originally a sugar cane estate, the Rose Hall Great House Estate is now a 5,000 acre beach-side wonderland which boasts two exclusive ocean golf courses, a famous historic house, waterfalls, private beaches and the homes of the local and international elite. Johnny Cash lived on the Estate when he was alive, and rumour has it that the Estate is a firm favourite of former US presidents when they travel to Jamaica to play golf. In fact, visit and you just might just glimpse a Hollywood A-lister power-walking, a film shoot or a celebrity wedding in one of the opulent properties such as Hummingbird Hall.

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Hummingbird Hall was architect-designed and built in 2009 with a brief to pay homage to the pinch-me-am-I-dreaming views throughout. Standing in its lush 0.8 acre plot, Hummingbird Hall is 8,500+ square feet and exudes a sense of light, space and grandeur. It has been a magnificent family home as well as a multi-award-winning wedding venue. And through hosting friends, family and visitors at Hummingbird Hall; we have introduced countless people to the exquisite Jamaica that lies beyond the gates of mass-market and chain hotels.

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Rose Hall Villa for Sale

Did you know:

  • Jamaica's motto - Out of Many, One People - was designed to pay homage to the unity of the different cultural minorities that inhabit the island. As a result, Jamaica has some of the best food (and examples of cultural cohesion) that the Caribbean has to offer. Try Jamaican-Chinese food (from Jamaica's generations old Chinese community), or Jamaican-Indian food (from Jamaica's long-standing Indian community). Experience a Jamaican St Patrick's day (the sizeable Jamaican-Irish population sure knows how to party!) or visit Germantown and see how the historic legacy of a shipwreck and German sailors can still be felt today. Indeed, people from all over the world choose to own holiday homes and businesses in Jamaica because cultural difference is seen as a strength and embraced. Whether in the social pages of a newspaper, in the halls of an international school, in a business district, or at one of Jamaica's glitzy balls (Hello, Pineapple Ball!); visitors are often surprised by how multicultural and diverse Jamaica is.
  • Jamaican cultural coups are far more than just musical! Whilst of course Jamaican musical festivals are legendary – think Reggae Sumfest, Reggae Sunsplash, Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, Jamaica Philharmonic and more - Jamaica punches above its weight in many other cultural categories too. Catch a film at Jamaica Film Week put on by the Jamaica Film Commission, be mesmerised by the designers at Jamaica Fashion Week, experience Jamaica's huge bookish culture at the Jamaica Literature Festival, visit one of the many Orchid shows, watch live productions at one of the island's many theatres, feast during Restaurant Week or the many food festivals, be blown away at theJamaica Kite Festival, be tickled by the Jamaica Festival of Comedy and more. In fact, the National Gallery West, an off-shoot of the awe-inspiring National Gallery of Jamaica – has recently opened, just minutes from Hummingbird Hall. There is therefore so much more to do in Jamaica than just lazing on a beach (though of course, that is wonderful too).
  • Cricket (and football) runs through the soul of Jamaica; but there are so many more sports to enjoy. Polo is huge in Jamaica, as is cycling, tennis, golf, fishing, netball, dominoes, yachting, surfing, boxing and more. In fact, the Latin American leg of the PGA golf tour was held on the Rose Hall Great House Estate, seconds from Hummingbird Hall.
  • Jamaica is a mere 30 minutes flight from Florida. This means that a near-infinite array of restaurants and shopping is on your doorstep when you own a home in Jamaica. What's more, direct flights between Jamaica and most world hubs mean that owning a home in Jamaica has never been more accessible and convenient.
  • In Jamaica, nature is winning. Jamaicans adopted sustainable practices before sustainability was in vogue and Jamaica remains lush, green and beautiful. Snorkel at Doctor's Cave Beach – a stone's throw from Hummingbird Hall – and you will likely see wild stingrays (who keep their distance!) and a kaleidoscope of fish – all as nature intended. Charter a boat from the Montego Bay Yacht Club (20 minutes from Hummingbird Hall) or buy your own yacht and chance upon wild sea turtles, dolphins and even whales. Hike the waterfalls, world heritage sites, nature reserves, protected beaches, cliffs, mountains, rainforests, meadows and river-banks that populate the island. Picnic at a deserted cove with just crabs, flying fish and your family for company. And, as the sun sets, watch fireflies dance, see shooting stars with your naked eyes and watch owls swoop and hunt. Just a normal day at Hummingbird Hall and in Jamaica.
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As they say - once you go, you know.