Life in France

No traffic noise, no noisy neighbours and no crime.

by Margaret Ager
3 bedroom bungalow on large plot with swimmi 2
Margaret Ager's property for sale in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

After years of living near an Airport with nose to tail traffic going passed our door, we decided that having just retired we wanted a complete change. And so we moved to France. It was an easy decision because we had spent many holidays there. That was ten years ago.

France is amazing. The first week we moved into our property in Mauprevoir was three days before Poppy Day. We attended the Ceremony and on arrival at the village memorial we were invited into the Maire for a warming drink by some of the local people. It was hard work that first few weeks but the weather was mild and so our unpacking went fine.

Ten years of living a quiet and ordered life. No traffic noise, no noisy neighbours and no crime. It was heaven. The French people in the village made us very welcome and we also met quite a few English couples who also wanted a different life. We have everything we need in the village, a shop that stocks everything, a boulangerie, a pattisserie, a hotel run by the lovely Nicki & James, a Pharmacy and a doctors. All within walking distance of our Bungalow. There are many activities in the village throughout the year which we always attend. Every Spring and Summer we have many visitors. Our lovely family including our two teenage granddaughters visit every summer and say that they come for relaxation as well as to see Mum and Dad. We also have a large heated in-ground swimming pool which is used most days in summer. The Health Service in France is second to none. No waiting to see the Doctor. Hospital appointments are made within two weeks of seeing the Doctor and the Doctor speaks perfect English.

But now ten years on, our children want us to go back to England to spend our last years with the family. Not that we intend going anywhere, but we are getting older and need our family. It was a hard decision to make as we love France.