My Journey to Newfoundland

A Follow Your Heart Project

by Bruce Branan
Stone Jug Historical Premises  2
Bruce Branan's property for sale in Newfoundland and Labrador

I was not Canadian, I actually spent most of my career working in China. I was looking for something in North America but it was not clear where exactly I needed to be. I wanted somewhere that I could be semi-off grid with good nature and somewhere that I could just step out of my hectic life when I felt the need.

I discovered Newfoundland completely accidentally. I looked at a lot of properties in Canada but settled on Newfoundland where I purchased a historic building "Historical Stone Jug Premises" on the sea.

I spent 8.5 years starting in 2007 and 5 million USD renovating the structure. I just wanted what I wanted. It was a "Follow Your Heart" project. I went way over budget but I just was not especially concerned and needed to complete the project.

Later we discovered that this structure was rebuilt in 1860 after a fire destroyed much of the structure in 1859. We were later informed that under the first structure was the oldest church in North America. The building has since been in many TV shows and movies.

Newfoundland: A Place of Surprises

Newfoundland was a surprise in many ways. I did find the peace and life I was looking for. I also purchased a home on a salmon river in the area.

Newfoundland is off the grid in some respects but the province unknown to many contains much of Canada's wealth; largest hydroelectric plant on the planet, 5 largest oil platforms in the world, only rare earth reprocessing outside China, largest natural gas find ever just discovered, gold mines recent significant finds, Canada's fishing industry in off our coast....

Another oddity which has taken off lately is Newfoundland is presumed to be one of the few places that will be safe in the event we have some sort of apocalypse in our near future with low population & sustainable, lots of fresh water and abundant sea life. Recently there has been a group with massive finances creating some sort of doomsday colony in the area.

The Business

The business is being offered together with the property. The business is extremely stable and very profitable. We can provide financial statements upon request from qualified buyers.

*We added an Austrian Biergarten in 2020 built onto the property grounds. In summer and fall it brings in many tourists and is constantly full, functioning almost as a separate business with additional income.