Advantages of owning a property abroad

Exploring new destinations vs. owning a property abroad

by Ann Fisher | May 2019
3 bed penthouse apt with panoramic views 2
Ann Fisher's property for sale in Paphos

Who do you think dreams of owning a property abroad? Certainly not us. That was not until one fortunate day on a short break to Cyprus, we saw plans for a penthouse apartment in a small three storey development in the beautiful town of Polis. It had panoramic vistas, loads of balcony space and a kitchen with views of the Mediterranean.

We had always relished the excitement of arriving in new places and exploring the shops and restaurants and bars. Every holiday was a voyage of discovery. However, as we all know, the flip side of that can be a bedroom overlooking the bins or the start of a three day local holiday where half the amenities are closed. So what are the joys of having our own place?

Polis BeachPolis Beach

Well for a start strolling into Polis knowing Stavros will be open from 7am come shine or shine ready to serve freshly squeezed orange juice followed by eggs and coffee in a traditional Cypriot setting. Passing the time of day looking from the balcony to the hills of Drousia in one direction and the Med in another. Seeing familiar faces lounge round the pool below and then catching up with the gossip. Relaxing on your own balcony watching the sun set dramatically over the Akamas Peninsula…. if that isn’t an excuse for a glass of red, nothing is!

Laatchi HarbourLaatchi Harbour

We rent our apartment to a few regulars each year and this helps offset our communal charges and water bills. The huge upside of this has been getting to know Kim & Alan, a husband and wife team who not only see to changeovers but organise repairs, keep a watchful eye on the apartment when we’re not there and generally keep us up to date with anything we need to know. We also have a fabulous Cypriot lawyer who responds much more readily than some we’ve had at home and the icing on the cake - we have the privilege of feeling part of the culture and way of life of Cypriot people – an absolute delight in a world that sometimes feels too fast for its own good.

Sun setsSun sets