Polis Beach - A Hidden Gem

Aphrodite & Eucalyptus

by Ann Fisher | August 2019
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Eucalyptus trees! Think of them and the mind flicks to cuddly koalas, laid back Ozzies and chardonnay vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. No obvious association with Cyprus you might think but they are one of the memory jogging scents of Polis and their aroma mingles with rosemary and hibiscus to delight the senses on starry Mediterranean nights. I think we all treasure the ability to recall these sensory experiences halfway through a freezing Thursday in December.

A distinctive clump of eucalyptus trees pinpoints Polis beach, halfway round Chrysochou Bay, an as yet unspoilt Cypriot gem. Our penthouse apartment picks out the tiny eucalyptus forest from inland and it’s a reliable reference point for daytime and sunset strolls along this jewel of eastern Mediterranean coastline especially if there’s a need for a Leon Beer or a glass of village wine. Like most of the beaches on this stretch, there is an open air taverna with barasti roofing and freshly cooked local food.

Cyprus in general and Polis in particular is full of familiar references that help the British to feel thoroughly at home on the island:- left side driving, business and banking processes and regular pub quizzes to name three. However, it’s the differences that bring us back; fresh fish and seafood simply cooked in local olive oil, oranges and lemons dangling from the trees, restaurants and bars that operate 18 hours per day. Forget phrases like "sorry, lunch is over ….. kitchen closes at 2.30 and dinner doesn’t start till 6". In Cyprus, if you’re hungry, you’ll be fed!

Slightly further than the main drag, Polis offers a little patch of paradise – Aphrodite sensed that when she located her famed baths at the base of the Akamas, one of the most reassuring sunset views from the penthouse apartment.

Polis sunsetPolis sunset