Accessed directly from a narrow street, this stunning ground floor house is like a window on history. When you walk from the shaded street, little more than a lane, through the light rooms, a vast panorama opens, wide views across the Tuscan countryside, its vineyards, olive groves, farms and the hills in the distance. And yet this house is part of an ancient community, itself dating from 1557. It sit atop the cliffs you can see in the first photograph, what made Pitigliano a fortress.
Now the town is a perfectly preserved Italian gem. It has eight restaurants, four cafes and bars, shops selling every necessity, and all within two or three hundred yards of this house. There is a terrace shaded by a vine that grows in the soil at the foot of the cliff and climbs a hundred feet to make the necessary shade.
The house will be sold with all its furniture, a mixture of locally made wardrobes and chests of drawers and comfortable sofas and chairs bought in Rome. There is central heating for the winter and in the summer the thick walls and marble flooring make the house what the Italians call 'fresco', cool.
The best access is from Rome's airports at Ciampino and Fiumicino, and we used to hire a small car and were in Pitigiliano in two hours.
Since we have become more and more involved in farming in Scotland, we use the house less and less, letting it on airbnb. It is a sad and reluctant sale.


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