• Farm House
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Reception rooms: 1
  • Property size: 152 sqm
  • Land size: 3370 sqm
  • Year built: 1200
  • Isolation


This isolated tiny Roman enclave in a Galician cork forest is wonderful in Spring. As a country gentleman, I scoff at city dwellers communing in pigeon crates. Isolation can have its benefits. This venture really is for a rich family man with a vision of a summer home.

As you can see from the mass of the stone blocks, my many structures are Roman thus solid. This is a renovators' paradise as realtors like to say. One could use these fireproof walls to easily retrofit. The sizable land could make an outstanding summer retreat for the family. Raise beagles. Let the middle daughter grow a seasonal herb garden. I planted wildflowers for bees. The place is isolated and grand and weathered. It is twelve minutes from amenities and the train to Vigo or Porto. Local builders are adept at all granite and rustic retrofit work. The densest forest on the NW corner on this plot has sufficient area to build another more isolated dwelling. It’s the design and stability of these structures which has lasting value. Constant well water flows at 35 lts/min. I have labourer facilities with a shower and a secure 42' container for tools.

This large container can metamorphose into a fine contemporary studio flat. There is N/E corner of my land perfect for a AirB&B cottage. (Please note the actual amount of land in this purchase from the enclosed Topo map). Plenty of water for all those projects, like fountains, pool, gardens, continuous Roman open gutter, and a buried duel septic system. Our Gosende community just opened The Moinhõs de Bade. This new public park and natural pool is 90 meters past my driveway.

This is a series of ancient springs coming from my same batholith. Although the structures we see there are from the 1700’s, I feel the spring stone temple revert to a Neanderthal encampment. Slow country life and safe. The sheep lady discusses Big Foot with her flock in the tongue of Galicia. On April 30, the villagers put yellow broom flowers on your gate and windows to welcome Maia, The Goddess of fertility , thus our Yellow May Day photo. Security analysis: The latest globe camera equipment has been installed to observe the grounds and driveway activity 24/7. We have just completed a 5 ft high cement block wall against erosion at the street end of my driveway. You will need to design a traditional wrought iron gate for the massive front and back door. The new gate on the road would be shared with my sheep lady. This gate will also have shared access by two other local farmers with tractors. One should make the pilgrimage and see this site.
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