Neo Karlovasi, Samos, North Agean


  • Semi-Detached House
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Reception rooms: 1
  • Property size: 90 sqm
  • Year built: 1950
  • Good heavy construction.
  • Exceptional view. Sea, mountains and villages.
  • Large Basement.
  • Wooden Floors in Bedrooms.
  • Two balconies.
  • Free parking close to the house.
  • Roof with tiles. Good construction.
  • Sunny.
  • Wooden kitchen cabinets.
  • Quiet & Secure.


It is a semi-detached house and its small yard, located inside the settlement of Neo Karlovasi in Samos island. A two-floor with a basement, stone-built house with a tiled roof, consisting of a basement auxiliary space, covering an area of (26.65 m2), a ground floor of main use (residence) with an area of (32.16 m2) and first (a) above the ground floor of main use (residence) with an area of (30.85 m2).
If you believe that the perfect house is a place where a person feels safe not only from the elements but also from all the worries and troubles of the outside world, then, I can confidently claim that you can become a happy owner of a house where you will feel relaxed and confident and where you will want to spend as much time as you can. The house has a dark red roof and pink outside walls, as well as green wooden windows that can be wide opened on sunny days. At first floor, the house has two bedrooms, one of them is the master bedroom and the other one is a small bedroom. Both bedrooms have balconies. At the ground floor, there is a living room, one kitchen and one bathroom. All rooms are filled with natural light. I love windows facing the sunny side and I cannot even imagine how people live in dark, shady apartments with limited natural light. The main entrance door is a beautiful wooden door that leads to the small yard, so you will have the opportunity to eat, read, study outside when the weather is fine. The house has wooden shelves and large wardrobes to arrange everything nicely. The basement is the nice surprise of this house. Its auxiliary space will be quite helpful. You can easily put your washing machine there, you can store beds and furniture in case you want to accommodate friends and relatives. There is also space in case you want to put a central heating system for the house. I'm selling a house in paradise. Can you refuse buying it.


Basement. Floorplan. Ground Floor. Floorplan. First Floor. Floorplan.



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