Pertouli, Trikala, Thessalia


  • Hotel
  • Reception rooms: 2
  • Property size: 1900 sqm
  • Land size: 5000 sqm
  • Year built: 2011
  • Suited for medical tourism
  • Suited for people with disabilities
  • Horseback Riding
  • Amazing Landscape
  • Skiing


St George hotel is located close to Chrisomilia a village of Meteora Trikalon, Greece. On the mountain of Coziaka at an altitude of 1.200 m. The property spans at 5.000 sq.m and the estate covers about 1.900 sq.m. The hotel has been successfully operating since 2011,it is in mint condition and renovations aren't needed. The property is accessable through road and through helicopter.It should be noted that the hotel is unindebted and has no financial loose ends.

The hotel is suited for medical tourism and disabled people.
Very close to the property are :
The famous landmark of the Meteora Rock Formations (UNESCO World Heritage List)
Lake Plastira
Petrouli Ski resort (3km)
Horseback riding establishment
Many trecking and hiking routes
The city of Trikala

Transport from the airport to the property by car:
The Thessaloniki airport (SKG) is approximately 1 and a half hours from the hotel.
The Athens Airport (ATH) is 3 hours away taking the new E65 route.
The Ioannina International Airport (IOA) is 2 hours away.
The Volos Airport (VOL) is 2 hours away.

A little more about the property, and its surrounding area. The whole hotel is build with stones from the local area and handcrafted from skilled craftsmen. The estate is surrounded by natural beauty,there is a Fir forest and next to the property there is also a natural spring and small river. In the forest area many local plants, herbs and spices grow( including oregano, chestnuts, mushrooms, tea and apples). The area is also rich in historical and mythological lore. The area is for its association with the legendary hero Achilles, and traveling close the area you can visit Olympus(the residence of the 12 Gods of Greece).

The hotel layout is 5 floors (Ground floor, 1st floor,a loft, a semi-basement and the basement). There are 16 guest rooms (located ont the 1st floor), 5 private rooms (located on the Loft) and 3 personnel rooms (located on the semi-basement). Chrisomilia the village next to the hotel is known for its apple trees(hence it’s name Chriso “Golden” milia “Apple tree”).

The amenities of the hotel are :
Cafe with an outdoor space
Diner and Kitchen (the kitchen is fully equipped with professional machinery)
Billiards room
2 Conference rooms
Sauna and Jacuzzi (Custom ordered from the UK)
Gym (equipment bought from KETTLER-Germany)
Childrens playroom and an outdoor playground
Wine Cellar
2 Elevators and a wooden staircase
Ample Parking Space
Central Heating (both gas and oil operated)
The estate is fully self-sufficient and is equipped with a power generator capable of powering everything(including the elevators)
Each guest room is fitted with its own fireplace.
The estate is also suitable to be used as a mansion.

We feel that photos cannot truly capture the beauty of the building and the landscapes surrounding it. For this reason, we recomment people that are truly interested in buying to come and appreciate the estate for themselves.



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