Rustic Stone Apartment in Central Rovinj

Rovinj, Istra


  • Ground Floor Flat
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Reception rooms: 1
  • Property size: 42.1 sqm
  • Year built: 1800
  • Excellent location in central Rovinj
  • Solidly built and maintained
  • Traditional and rustic stone theme
  • Access to outside area
  • Beaches within minutes of walking
  • Good amount of storage space
  • Shower
  • Air conditioning
  • High score on one of the top short-stay rental websites
  • Airport easily accessible


A beautiful traditional rustic stone apartment in central Rovinj.

About the country
Croatia's potential is getting realised and recognised internationally. From being unknown by most to now hearing people say it's their dream to come visit!
It is a gem with one of the most remarkable and longest coastlines in all of the Mediterranean, with its many, many islands and breathtaking Adriatic sea.
As well as its natural beauty, its history is rich and is a melting pot of plenty of cultures, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, even the Middle East and of course its Slavic roots.

About the town
In such a country, one of the towns that truly stand out is Rovinj. Its charm is unmatched. You can vividly see all those cultures clashing in this wonderful place. It is also one of the most popular towns in Croatia, tourists flock to this town with so many coming back year after year! There is just such an atmosphere when it comes to Rovinj, days are filled with joy and nights are a special kind of romantic. You are hooked once you experience it.
There is a lot of good to be said about Rovinj, as brilliant as its atmosphere is; there are also big pluses when it comes to everyday life. It's really peaceful and safe, even as a child I could get around the town with no fear. And getting around is as easy as a few minute walk or bike ride. No need for a car to go buy groceries or a whole plan just for a trip to the beach. You go to the beach with ease, stress-free. There is an abundance of terrific beaches of various types. Pick the beach you like the most while walking along the coast and enjoy yourself!

About the apartment
To experience all of the things described and the full beauty of the town, being in central Rovinj is invaluable. You are closest to everything Rovinj has to offer and can really take all of it in properly. A fine restaurant, a night out drinking or a walk in the Old Town with no worries about how to get home, it's pure luxury. This apartment is right there and all of that is waiting for you.
You would have to look hard to find another apartment in the area which is built as soundly. It was initially built in 1879, completely renovated in 2005, and lovingly maintained ever since. It takes full advantage of the cities history and charm Rovinj is famous for, as a traditional stone apartment. Rustic features decorate each room to make it gorgeous from top to bottom, the warm colours, the stone, the wood...
It is also fully equipped for modern life with air conditioning on every floor, and high-speed internet being available!
There is also an attic on the top floor, which has a large amount of storage space.

It is close to everything, including:
* Beaches, a great collection all across the town to keep you busy finding the perfect one for you
* Sea ports, easy access to local islands and Venice
* Restaurants: charming pizzerias using wood-fired stone ovens, numerous places specialising in local cuisine, and even a Michelin star restaurant is a few minute walk away
* The Old Town, with the Church of St. Euphemia at the top looking over the town
* Main square, the centre of Rovinj itself
* The nearest airport is in Pula, which is straightforward to get to and allows easy access to the rest of the world

It also has a high score on one of the leading short-stay rental websites.

All the paperwork has been properly taken care of and it is ready for a new owner!



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