mountain house near forest

Gianniotion, Skoulikaria, Arta, Epirus


  • Detached House
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Reception rooms: 1
  • Property size: 75 sqm
  • Land size: 500 sqm
  • Year built: 1980
  • healthy living - privacy
  • natural capital - biodiversity
  • nature - forest - safety -retreat
  • non touristy
  • remote work
  • mountaineering
  • charm
  • birdwatching
  • friendly locals
  • property looked after by owner and handyman


Mountain House by the forest / for sale by owner / western Greece

This charming detached house is located in the mountainous Greek village of Gianniotion*.
The house lies on the outskirts of a forest, at an altitude of approximately 1000 m above sea level. It is constructed within a 500 m2 spruce-tree-lined land.
Its living space is 75m2, and consists of an open concept living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. One of the bedrooms has its own exit to a side balcony which faces down a sloping side of the land towards a small stream, marking one of the property grounds limits, where water flows during the winter months.

The living room, with a splendid picture window and a fireplace made of stone, faces towards the 500 square meters private yard which comprises many huge spruces and other trees such as an old walnut tree, a relatively younger cherry tree etc., within the well protected (stone wall and iron fenced) property. This room in particular can serve as a working space for studying and working remotely, far from hectic cities. It combines the warmth of the fire place and the beautiful view towards the forest like private yard.
The kitchen is an extension of the living room. All windows are double glazed.
Α tool storage room is located under the front veranda. The surroundings are very quiet with wildlife diversity.

The predominant species of vegetation in the area and the nearby forest is spruce and fir, but also beech, plane trees, oak and chestnut trees. It is actually a densely forested region which hosts a significant ecosystem and serves as a repository of terrestrial biodiversity. Μany other species of plants and wild flowers are abundant all over the area. The fresh air and good climate, as a result of this rare forest at this high altitude, is recognized and appreciated for their therapeutic properties to people with chronic respiratory diseases and other health problems.
Just a few kilometers from the village, the Gavrogo plateau, at heights of 1100 meters, is sprouted with fir and cedar forests and serves as summer pasture (grassland) of 7,000-10,000 sheep and goats. Wild animals also live in Gavrogo. Parts of the broader region belong to the Natura 2000 network.
The small population (100 people, even fewer during winter times) of locals at Gianniotion is living out of agriculture and livestock farming which provide them with meat, dairy, eggs and vegetable.
A small local cheese factory at Skoulikaria, which was founded through EU funding, produces an excellent quality feta cheese (ISO certification). This is because the flocks feed on many different types of flora including aromatic herbs, such as origano, since they graze freely in the mountain slopes and at the Garvrogo plateau. For the same reason sheep and goat meat is very tasty too. Eggs from free range chicken also make a special source of good quality protein.
There is quite a big number of beehives in the area, without any sign of decline in the population of bees. The honey produced by the locals is pure, aromatic and of excellent quality, with a mild spruce and wild flowers flavor.
Walnuts and chestnuts are also among local products.
Tap water comes directly from the mountain tops, bringing its freshness and chill to each house.
Winter vegetables might be locally affected by low temperatures and snow. A lot of fresh legumes, potatoes, onions, cucumber, and the tastiest tomatoes grow in the summer. All these products are available from individuals for sale, by word of mouth, provided there is a quantity surplus at home. Households store and preserve lots of these goodies for use during the cold winter days.
The best open grocery market is also in the nearby city of Arta (35 km from the village) and one can find as many fresh fruit and vegetables as they wish. This market offers daily a wide variety of vegetables produced in the low-lying parts of the region, delicious oranges from local orange groves and other citrus fruit of all kinds.

Tourism in this small village of Gianniotion is not common, unlike other mountainous areas in Greece. Only hikers and mountaineers occasionally visit to explore the woods and the slopes, reaching as high up as the level of the Gavrogo plateau where they often camp. The view from this top is spectacular.

Leisure pursuits engaged in the outdoors of Gianniotion can include romantic strolls and picnics by the forest springs, collection of rare plants, exercising, mountaineering, etc. Everything includes lots of deep breaths of clean air and oxygen in a pure and natural environment, away from city traffic, pollution and stress.
.. One might use a car to explore neighboring areas, so gorgeous and so historically important. The nearest (40 km) sea side, can be easily reached by car to taste the most delicious freshly caught king prawns of the Amvrakikos Gulf, at prices significantly lower than anywhere else in the world, also to watch the bottlenose dolphins flying in the coastal sea. The nutrient-rich waters of this gulf sustain high levels of biodiversity where charismatic animals, including sea turtles and a variety of seabirds, can be easily encountered.

Overall, the quest for a healthy life, serenity and peace to work remotely, and the desire for better nutritional value and sensory properties in this area are definitely fulfilled.

You can contact the property owner (Fotini Maltezou >> english speaking lady) via email or by phone: +30-6977 999479

Please note that more photos and videos are available upon request.

* Actually Gianniotion is considered to be a settlement of the nearby village of Skoulikaria in western Greece (prefecture of Arta) at a height of approximately 950m above sea level. A mountainous landscape with the shape of a turtle (its Greek name is helona (turtle) dominates the area. The village is surrounded by a splendid dense and untouched spruce forest.



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