• Detached House
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Reception rooms: 5
  • Property size: 395 sqm
  • Land size: 1282 sqm
  • Year built: 2000


Main house
Two bungalows
Outdoor laundry room
Large garden
Swimming pool - 5m x 10m
Barbecue with attached eating room
Garden Wc & Mechanical room
Covered garage for two cars
Open terrace above garage with views of hills and village
Central heating – diesel - with Rocca boiler
18 electricity producing solar panels
One 90m deep water borehole with electrical pump.

This quirky house and garden are a true labour of love.

The Main House is a converted and refurbished old rustic building once used as a residence as well as a small wine making business in the cellar now transformed into a library/home office/TV room.
The house has three levels with library/home office/TV room on lower level, open kitchen and large dining room and service WC/shower at garden level and 8 steps above on upper level - one hall, one bedroom, one bathroom and a large glass walled living area.
Both the library/home office and upstairs living area can be transformed into bedrooms making the house a three-bedroom house.
Around the garden level spacious dining room there is a glassed “winter room” /closed veranda.
Above the main house higher level there is an Attic with a good measure of storage space, electrical light and roof insulation.

Opposite the main house there are two side-by-side one-bedroom bungalows presently used as tourist guest houses.
These Two Guest Houses can be used for tourists or for older teenage children, to receive friends or as studios or private offices. They can easily be converted into a single two bedroom house (without the need for planning permission) while the open terraced area around the buildings can be transformed into a closed verandah enveloping the house.

The Garden has a large area of thick turf lawn.
There are two young, yet tall Araucaria trees also known as “monkey-puzzle trees”. Araucaria trees are known as living fossils, in fact, there is evidence that the species has existed since the Mesozoic (that is, some 251 million years ago) and they were probably a source of food for dinosaurs in the Jurassic period (150 million years ago).
Other Trees and Plants: a large chestnut tree, three orange trees, a few loquat trees, two lemon trees, a quince tree, a very giving kaki fruit tree, a pear tree as well as other ornamental trees and flowering plants including several clusters of beautiful blue hydrangeas that are at their best in June and a few lantana shrubs that we keep mainly to feed visiting longwing Zebra butterflies and they add colour to the garden all year round.

At the end of the garden with sea view there is a 10x5 m Swimimg Pool with a winter cover and next to it there is an outdoor shower.

On the sloping south facing side of the bungalows’ roofs (facing away from the property) there are 18 Solar Panels that produce solar power for sale under contract to the main national electricity grid.

The deep Borehole provides drinking water as well as water for the pool and garden but there is also the normal water connection to the local public water system.

There is a large Laundry Room and adjoining it there is a recreational room for storage of garden furniture in winter or for use as an eating area for barbecue meals. This “support room” can easily be converted into a spare south facing sunny bedroom with ensuite WC/shower.

Sheds: Outside in the garden there is also a covered well-ventilated shed for four large butane gas bottles in upright position as well as a shed for the 1,000L diesel deposit for the central heating and another for the main heating system boiler.

The Garage fits two small to medium sized cars. The road is a very narrow lane legally designated as a local path: these are narrow public rural paths, they do not have footpaths and are intended for local rural traffic. Larger cars cannot navigate this narrow path. The advantage is that there is almost zero traffic using the path making it almost a private access.

The property is fenced all around (traditional stone walls) and this offers privacy as well as safety for children and pets.

Above the garage there is a Terrace with view of the hills and much of Afife village. This terrace area is extremely sunny in the morning pleasant for early breakfasts al fresco!

*Please note that the price reflects the fact that there are in fact three houses/three living independent living spaces in this property. Afife is a much coveted area with very little land available and although there are a few small farm holdings or “quintas” in Afife, there are very few properties with this kind of outdoor area with a cared for garden and with three ready to live-in buildings.
These times of Pandemic have shown how important it is to have a garden, an healthy outdoor space for times of isolation and confinement and this property is a small paradise with its greenery, bird songs, absence of road traffic, lack of full-time year-round resident neighbours, spacious areas, sea view, and its various buildings that can be used and enjoyed in multiple combinations.
Work from Home: Internet connection is fast and reliable and is available from several providers (recently also with the choice of Fiber Optics).