This advert is no longer active. The property may have been sold or taken off the market.

20 Bedroom Restaurant

£1,200,000 | Rybnik, Slaskie, Poland | 20 Bedrooms


  • Art Deco Design
  • lit glass dance floor tiles
  • Situated in the beautiful park
  • close to airport
  • in quiet area
  • cosy
  • spacious
  • marble entrance
  • mid sized stage
  • continental cuisine


Villa 'Mimoza' is situated in the south of Poland/ Silesia. The restaurant was built in 1963. The building was renovated and thoroughly modernized 11 years ago. In 2004, the current owner got a planning permission to build a hotel as an adjacent structure to the already existing original building. The property is located in a well maintained quiet park, yet the nearest airport in Ostrava (The Czech Republic) is only 30 km away . The restaurant may accommodate 200 guests. The hotel offers 23 en suite rooms and 2 luxury suites. It has got a 'Saturday Night Fever' - style lit dance floor - an original ornamental feature from the 1960's.


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