• Ski lift in town
  • Paragliding
  • Mild mountain climate
  • 750 sq. meters
  • 5 Levels
  • Build to a high standard
  • Open to variable development options


Offered for sale is a large building in central Bulgaria situated in the immediate southern outskirts of “Stara Planina” mountain. A quiet town with a population of about 10 000 which is a popular destination for paragliding enthusiasts throughout spring and summer seasons. (World Paragliding Championship was held here in July 2013). There is a mountain ski lift in town (1350 m difference between first and last base), which operates throughout the tourist seasons. The town is famous for it's freeflowing ice-cold mountain spring water fountains. In proximity to the town, approximately 25 km away, is a popular spa and rehabilitation resort with mineral hot water springs.

The building itself was initially designed as a residential building with a twin-like two family outlook on 5 levels, with a common grand entrance and diverging entry stairway. It has been constructed of steel- concrete framework (foundations, columns, beams, belts and slabs), 25 cm fired clay bricks for all outside walls, and 12,5 cm fired clay bricks for all inside walls- capable of withstanding an earthquake with a magnitude of 8 on the Richter scale according to standards. Outside walls are done in a lime-cement spray- on rendering, and inside walls in a smooth lime-cement rendering. All bay parts of the house have heat proof insulation. Electrical installation, plumbing, a weak current and lightening protection systems have all been set up and water and electricity supply are present. The roof is multi sloped and also of steel-concrete, heat proofed with 5 cm thick insulation and covered with concrete shingles. Gutters and rainwater draining pipes are all mounted. The area of the lot is 443 square meters. The total unfolded built up area is 750 square meters, with one basement floor (storage and servicing), followed by 3 residential and one maisonette half floor.

Level 1 (the basement floor), starting at 150 cm below ground, has a furnace room (7 sq.meters), a storage room to the furnace (17.5 sq.meters), a second storage room servicing the upper floors, a fitness area and a bathroom and toilet.

Level 2, starting at 100 cm above ground, has a garage (13.3 sq meters), a bathroom and a toilet (4.1 sq meters), a hallway with closets (9.4 sq meters), a living room (19 sq meters) with separate cooking area and dining area, and a small deck (3.6 sq m ) leading into the backyard. Below the above mentioned deck is a wine cellar (8.3 sq m) that can be accessed from the backyard.

Level 3 has a study (12.8 sq m) with a terrace (4.4 sq m), a living room (21.2 sq m) with a separate kitchen (6.2 sq m) and a dining room (8.3 sq m), and an uncovered balcony (4.5 sq m) on the side of the living room.

An interior staircase leads to the sleeping floor on level 4, consisting of 3 bedrooms (10.5 sq m, 12.8 sq m, 11.9 sq m) a walk in closet (96 sq m) with a small balcony (1.8 sq m), and a bathroom with a toilet.

The hallway on level 4 gives access to an attic area (19 sq m) on level 5 suitable for astronomy related hobbies, a secod study, or a library.

The above description details the design as it applies to ½ of the building. On site everything described is present times two. No fine finishing work has been done on the inside- there is no flooring or tiling, no windows or doors installed. The design allows for an adaptation to suit a single owner interested in having a large residential loft for themselves as well as investing in a tourism oriented business, under one roof.

The owner, a practicing contractor with over 20 years of experience, offers additional consultation and is willing to execute additional refurbishing projects the buyer might be considering, according to agreement.

Should you be interested in a tour of the property on site, please feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to accommodate you. There is a regional airport 60 km away, with regular charter flights several times a week to London, UK and Frankfurt, Germany.

Feel free to call any evening between 17:00 and 22:00 Eastern European Standard Time.


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