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Our overseas section is now the busiest part of our website with hundreds of properties for sale abroad. These are all overseas properties being advertised by owners directly. For sale by owner means you can cut out the agent and save thousands in commission. Search for your perfect holiday home below.

Selling Property Abroad

Save thousands by selling your overseas property with Magnolia Property. We charge 0% commission and offer huge exposure for your overseas property, advertising it to buyers in The UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and Russia! Translating your advert into these languages.
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Overseas Property Swaps

Property Swaps Property Swaps are becoming a very popular way to buy and sell property overseas. Essentially you make an agreement with another seller to buy each other's property. You therefore find your new overseas property and a buyer for your home all at the same time, and cut out the chain.
Overseas property swaps

Our Sellers

"I have always been happy with your company’s service. I’ve also recommended you to others abroad with properties to sell or buy. Thank you again."
Lesley Johnson