Property for sale in Belize

Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala in Central America, Belize is part of the Caribbean community yet offers a real taste of the exotic. Vast swathes of rainforest and intriguing swamp lands complement 386km of Caribbean coastline which gives way to a number of fantastic beaches and the second largest barrier reef in the world. Scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing are world class and draw large numbers of enthusiasts.

Property in Belize

Belize has recently enjoyed sustained demand from both North American and European property investors. Belize is a thriving offshore banking centre and offers excellent tax-free retirement packages. As such it is very popular with Americans looking to buy retirement homes. Indeed, Belize arguably offers the most attractive incentive programme for foreign retirees anywhere in the world: the Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Act. This program is designed to attract increasing numbers of retirees to the country and is available to anyone over 45 years old and of any nationality.

Most investors in Belize are currently buying small properties or land to build on to cater for the expanding tourist industry. Although this is a very cost effective way of acquiring property the process of buying land can cause problems. Investors should therefore check that they employ the help of a good lawyer to guide them through the various stages.

Both freehold and leasehold properties are available to foreign non-residents in Belize via a legal system which echoes that of the UK.