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Novo Selo Information

The house is situated in the quiet, picturesque village of Novo Celo, in
the region of Vidin which is situated in the northwest corner of Bulgaria.
Novo Celo itself is situated on the bank of Europe's second largest
river, the Danube.
The village offers good recreational opportunities such as fishing,
swimming, hiking, astronomy, wildlife and birdwatching.
There are 45 freshwater species of fish in the Danube, including carp,
sturgeon, perch, pike etc.
lncidentally a world record catch for a sturgeon was here at Novo Celo
in the past.
There are also around 300 species of birds,
along with around 1200 varieties of plants.

ln Vidin (about 20 mins by car) there are
supermarkets, Lidl and Kaufland.
Plenty of other shops, clothes, gardening, Diy ect.
There is a market every day that sells a wide
variety of goods,including fresh fruit and vegetables,
clothing and fishing tackle ect.
There are a few Banks, with cash point machines.
There are plenty of restaurants and bars,
including a Chinese restaurant, and the
popular Rivaldis, the Fresh restaurant, Classic
pizza restaurant, to name but a few.
There are also 2 floating restaurants on the Danube
There is also a local Ski resort located at
Kom mountain, about hour and a half away.

Nearest Airports:
Craiova, Sofia
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local super market | super markets and shops within a 20 minutes drive
a few local bars and restaurants, more can be found in neighbouring towns
local doctors surgery
local schools
post office | cash machine | hardware store
domestic travel:
adequate travel links to near by towns and cities | regular bus service
international travel:
international airport within two hours drive
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