Property for sale in Cyprus

Standing at a crossroads between the mighty empires of East and West, Cyprus embodies a rich and varied cultural heritage that draws inherited influences from the Ancient Greeks, the Persians, the Egyptians and the Ottomans. As a result, Cyprus is a multiplicity of traditions, mythologies and cultures, with evidence from each scattered across the island. A land of beaches, mountains, castles and villages, Cyprus has a charm that is like no other, and with a climate that offers 340 days of sunshine a year, a low crime rate and an economy that makes the island an effective tax haven, especially for the British, it is not hard to understand Cyprus' popularity.

Property in Cyprus

Cyprus' balmy climate and long-standing status as a popular tourist destination, combined with its entry into the European Union and the pegging of its economy to the euro, have earned it a firm place on Britons' list of favourite overseas property locations. The distinct British influence on the island (English is widely spoken and you even drive on the left) along with low taxes for pensioners have helped make it especially popular among retirees. Developments have sprung up all over the island, which is the third biggest in the Mediterranean, with tourism centring mainly on Larnaka, Umassol, Nicosia and Pafos. More recently agents have been selling properties in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus.