Limassol Information

Limassol (Lemesos) is a much bigger town than Pafos and feels more like a long-established settlement that lives for something more than tourism (i.e. wine-making, citrus production and port activity). Given the proximity of the Akrotiri Sovreign Base, Limassol has had long experience with the British, especially with the army.The seafront is pleasant enough, with something of the feel of a Victorian seaside resort about it and there has been some upgrading of the town centre. Most of the package tourism to Limassol is focused on the beaches to the east of town and this, too, is where some of the property development has taken place, especially around Governor's Beach, a whole 30 kilometres out of town. However, there are some much more attractive old villages in the foothills of the Troodos to the north, amongst them Dhora and Mousere, where crumbling stone houses cry out for restoration. Even more picturesque, and more discovered by settlers, is the village of Lofou, a handy 18km drive out of Limassol. Similarly appealing is Lania, where some estimates suggest that 25% of the residents are now ex-pats.