Paphos Information

The most westerly of the towns on the south coast of Cyprus, Pafos has become more popular both with tourists and settlers since the opening of Pafos airport made it more readily accessible. It s a town that comes in two parts: Ktima; which is the older part of town at the top of a hill and Kato Pafos (Lower Pafos), a more ramshackle settlement of hotels and restaurants ringing the harbour and castle and opening out into an archaeological site where impressive mosaics were discovered. Ktima mostly consists of a narrow shopping street ending at a covered market which sells fruit and veg and a few tourist knick-knacks. There are some attractive old houses in this part of town but most of the incomers have opted for newly-built villas and apartments. These two sections were once quite separate. However, nowadays modern development has joined up all the gaps and both parts are rapidly vanishing anyway amid the general development of the surrounding land either for tourism or, increasingly, for second-home buyers. Some estimates have suggested that more than 6,000 British people have bought homes in and around Pafos. There are also a large number of Eastern European residents, many of them working illegally, which means that there are not as many Greek Cypriots around as the population figure might initially suggest. All that makes for a situation in which it is easy to find other ex-pats to socialise with and where inything that someone from Britain wants to buy is likely to be available, albeit at a mark-up on the UK price.