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The city of Edessa is perhaps the most beautiful city of the Macedonian region of Greece, as you can see from various photos of the city:

Edessa is a small city 45 miles (75 km) west and a little north of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city and port of Greece. Its most famous and best feature, and what makes a trip there well worth are its magnificent waterfalls. The falls can be seen tumbling 250 feet (70 m) over the cliff on which the city is perched from miles away as one approaches from the east.

Unusually, for an arid country like Greece, Edessa is a city defined by water; indeed, the city's name means "Tower in the Water." The Eddessaios river comes into the city from the foothills of the Pindus Mountains to the west, and is then channeled via concrete banks through the city, finally spilling over the cliff's edge in one large, and two small waterfalls. Water is life, and for that reason Edessa is a city full of the greenness that life provides.

The Eddessaios provides water for the abundant plant life in the city, for the trees in its beautiful parks, for people to drink and to bathe in, and even to water the extensive cherry orchards out west of the city. That's one reason June is an excellent month to visit; there are cherry stands along the road heading west into the mountains selling the biggest, juiciest, cheapest bing cherries in Europe. Cherry season runs from mid-May into early July.

Even on the hottest summer days, mist from Edessa's waterfalls can cool you off. Waterfall Park (Parko Katarakton) at the cliff's edge in the city center is a beautifully designed place of mini waterfalls, footbridges, ornamental plants and concrete pools. There are steps leading down to both the large falls, called Karanos, and the twin falls, called Diplos, requiring a slow descent. At the base of Karanos is a stone-paved path that leads to a mist-damp bridge connecting to Diplos.

The water has been channeled with concrete banks between the city's buildings, and runs right through a shaded cafe in the Park, both halves of which are connected by a railed footbridge.. The falls themselves are floodlit at night.

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