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The beautiful coastal village of Porto Rafti (35 kilometers southeast of Athens and on the Aegean Sea side of Attica) is primarily populated with summer apartments and homes of Athenians. Consequently it lacks the commercialization that has beset most of the islands. We consider this a benefit as you will experience what a native experiences and not the tourist traps and expense of the islands.

Porto Rafti and the region around it, has much to offer you. Visit its beaches & coves & late night bonfires, ancient sites, Monasteries, museums and vineyards. Drink its wines, taste its delicious tomatoes, roam through the olive & pistachio groves, and eat your heart out at a water front taverna. .
The main day time activity is water related. Porto Rafti sports so many nice beaches. At the northern end of Porto Rafti there is Erotospilia, It is a small cove with incredible waters and views. At Aulaki you will find a very sandy beach, shallow waters, beach chairs and showers. Between Aulaki Beach and Erotospilia you will still find beaches on the bay. Along the way to Aulaki Beach you will find several schools offering instruction in sailing, water skiing and other outdoor activities.

The Mare Nostrum Hotel, now converted to a Club Med resort, also offers many water sports activities.


7 kilometers north from Porto Rafti there is the coastal region of Vravrona, this region contains several archeological finds. In particular there is the Temple of Artemis Vravronia and a museum next to this site.

Artemis Vravronia. In the 5th c. BC, one of the most important sanctuaries in Attica was built. It flourished on the north-west fringes of a hill dominating the plain of Vravrona. Dedicated to the great goddess of nature and protectress of children, the site, with its distinctive features, gave the goddess her epithet: Artemis Vravronia.

Vravrona Museum. The museum contains the best of the findings from the sanctuary of Artemis Vravronia and objects discovered in excavations from various sites in the Mesogaia (this region of Greece).

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