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Frosolone is situated on a hill at 900 mt., 5 km from Sant'Elena Sannita. It is the place to do shopping, to go to bars and restaurants and to drive to the mountain of Frosolone with a beautiful, uncontaminated nature of hills and woods.
Since a few years there is a walking path (pilgrimage) that starts in Assisi and goes to the southern coast of Puglia, passing trhough Sant'Elena Sannita, it is the first time that we see people from abroad who stay in the village for 1 or 2 nights.
Sant' Elena Sannita offers mainly the beautiful surroundings, the climate and the peaceful atmosphere. In summer people from Rome and Naples come to visit.
In former times the Sant'Elenesi were knife sharpeners, because the people from Frosolone were making knifes by hand, but when they started to move to the cities they opened perfume shops, that is why there is a perfume museum in the village.

Nearest Airports:
Naples, Rome, Fiumicino
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