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Enna Information

Enna sits at the very centre of Sicily, and is the highest provincial capital of Italy with an elevation of 931mt above sea level.
Due to its towering central position, Enna is often referred to as the 'Belvedere' (panoramic viewpoint) of Sicily.
Enna is surrounded by the Erean Mountains (Monti Erei), and the area hosts several lakes, including Lake Pergusa (Special Natural Reserve) and Pozzillo Lake, the largest artificial basin on the island.
Enna's long history extends to Neolithic times. The town was also renowned in Greek and Roman times for the cult of the goddess Demeter (the Roman Ceres), with her grove 'Rocca di Cerere' being known as the umbilicus Siciliae ("The navel of Sicily").
The town's history encompasses the Arab invasion and the reign of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Sicily.
The town also possesses a strong mythological heritages, believed to be the place where Persephone (Proserpine) was kidnapped by Hades (Pluto), god of the underworld.

Enna also presents a strong catholic tradition, reflected in the presence of its many churches and religious festivities.
The town is famous for its solemn Easter Holy Week ceremonies and the jubilant celebrations of the town’s Madonna on the 2nd of July.

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