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Portugal's history is characterised by intrepid explorers, its culture is flamboyant and artistic and its geography is richly diverse with lush mountains and popular coastal outcrops. Seafaring habitants and natural explorers in the 15th and 16th centuries promoted Portugal to a world power with the discovery and seizure of a sizeable empire including colonies in South America, Africa and Asia. Modern day Portugal still contains reminders of times gone by, embracing a deep-rooted mix of vibrant origins and ancient civilisations. It is also the elite haunt of some of the world's most exclusive golf courses and attracts enthusiasts from around the world.

Properties for sale in Portugal

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Property in Portugal

The Algarve, popular with British tourists since the 1970s, is by far the most common choice for second home hunters and retirees alike. Holiday rental yields and build quality are considered good. Many people opt for properties close to, or on, golf course complexes. The Portuguese capital Lisbon and its nearby Estoril coast have well-established tourist infrastructures; further north, new motorway connections ensure that the Costa de Prata (Silver Coast) and the Costa Verde (Green Coast) towards Oporto are making their mark with British buyers too.

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