Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we are asked most often, they also give a good outline of the service that we offer. If you still have a question we would be very happy to hear from you. You can contact us here.
Do you charge commission on the sale?
No, we do not charge commission. We only charge a listing fee which can be paid upfront for periods of six months or until sold.. There are no hidden costs. Compared to an estate agent we can therefore save you tens of thousands of pounds, which can either be a saving for you or used to reduce the price of your property giving you a much better chance of selling.
What are your fees?
Our fees for advertising a property are £36 for three months or £96 until sold. Full details can be found on our overseas property advertising page.
Where will you advertise our property?
Your property will be advertised on our network of ten International websites as details on our overseas property advertising page.

We will advertise your property on the biggest property websites in Europe including and
What information do I need to provide to advertise my property?
You will need to provide us with photos of your property and a written description. You will also be able to complete a list of property features, room sizes and information about your property's location.
How do we provide the information and photos?
All of the information can be uploaded through our website, we have a very easy to use system (view testimonials) however if you would prefer you can email or post the details and photos to us, or if your details and photos are already online elsewhere we can take these and create your advert for you. If you choose our Professional Photography option we will send a photographer to your property to take photos.
How is our advert translated?
We use Google Translate to translate your property description and details into the different languages. This translation service is very effective and is always accurate enough to provide buyers with the information they need. However if you prefer you can provide us with your own translations or we can arrange for your description to be professionally translated at an extra cost of approximately 30 Euros per language. Please contact us for a quote.
How do we get started?
You start by registering your property here:
You will then be able to create your property advert, and once you are happy with how it looks you can activate it and pay.
How many photos can we upload?
There is no limit to the number of property photos you can upload. You can also upload five floorplans and ten photos of your local town. For your adverts on the portals and, these websites have their own photo limits of usually 20 property photos plus five floorplans, has a 10 photo limit. We will therefore upload your first 10 or 20 photos to these websites unless you request otherwise.
How quickly will our advert appear across your website network?
Your property will appear on our website as soon as you have completed and activated your advert, and it will appear on the other websites within 24 hours.
Can we edit our advert after we have completed it?
Yes you are able to edit your advert as often as you wish. Changes will take up to 24 hours to appear across our network of websites.
Do you value properties?
No we do not value properties. If you are unsure of the value of your property, as a starting point we would recommend asking a local agent, or looking for similar properties online. Once you have a price we can advertise it for you and then give you detailed statistics on its performance. We can tell you if your property is over or under performing and you can then use that information to adjust the price.
Do you arrange and conduct viewings?
We don't live at the property, how do we conduct viewings?
Many sellers ask neighbours, friends or estate agents to show buyers around, or if you get the feeling after communicating with the buyer that they are serious it may be worth travelling out yourself, especially if you are able to arrange several viewings at the same time.
Do you talk to buyers on our behalf?
All enquiries that are generated from our website and the other websites in our network are sent directly to you for you to follow up yourself.
Can we use your service and use a local estate agent?
Yes you can use our service instead of or in conjunction with an estate agent. Most sellers use us as a way of avoiding paying agent fees and follow up our leads themselves, however some sellers who perhaps don't have time to conduct viewings or don't wish to get involved or are frustrated by their agents efforts, simply use us as a way of generating leads which they then pass onto their agent to deal with.
Do you vet the leads?
Yes, we receive a lot of SPAM enquiries; we do not pass these onto you.
Do you offer discounts for multiple properties?
Yes we can do, please contact us for more information.
What do we do when we accept an offer from a buyer?
Your solicitor will take over once you have found a buyer. We recommend that you find a local solicitor as early as possible, so that there are no delays in moving towards completion once you have accept an offer. You will probably have met a local solicitor when buying your property but if not there will usually be several in the local town.
What is your success rate?
Predicting the number of enquiries that you will receive is difficult as it depends on so many factors - mainly the type of property you are selling, the location and the price. We have found a buyer for a property in less than a week and our record for a single property is 54 enquiries in the first month (view testimonials), but we have also advertised properties for six months with no response.

We can't guarantee a response but what we can guarantee is that your property will be put in front of a huge number of potential buyers. If there is someone out there looking for a property like yours there is a very good chance they will see it.


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