Helping people to save money by selling their own home was the reason we started this website 18 years ago, so we love to know when it works! Our favourite emails are those from happy sellers letting us know that they've found a buyer or have been pleased with our service. Here are a selection...

Yes, the sale was from one of your leads... the only site we used. Many thanks, it was amazing value. So glad we found you. We were still getting so many enquiries and had to cancel a good number of booked viewings.
Valerie Owen | March 2019 | View property

We've had many enquiries and some viewings through your website and I have already recommended you on several occasions. Thank you!
Jane Callaghan | March 2019 | View property

We have sold our house (signing on 19th Feb), could you please make sure that all the websites you advertised it on are updated or removed. The sale was from one of your leads, thanks for your help and service.
Michael Wilson | February 2019 | View property

We have now sold, as a result of the Magnolia ad. Thank you so very much.
Suzie Lewis | February 2019 | View property

I have just found a buyer! Many thanks for your help and care in the past year.
Caroline Boersma | January 2019 | View property

We had many enquiries from your website and have now found a buyer. We were very satisfied with your service.
Susan Harris | January 2019 | View property

We've had many enquiries and viewings through Magnolia and have been very impressed by your company and would recommend you to any friends thinking of selling.
Anne Ritchie | November 2018 | View property

Our advertisement went live on 18th September. We received several leads and a very promising one on the 24th from a pair of Anglo-American teachers working in Hong Kong. A detailed correspondence ensued, video calls etc. We have just spent two days showing one spouse of this delightful couple around (who flew in from Hong Kong!). This morning we visited the notaire together and are working towards completing the sale at Christmas. We will let you know when the sale goes through and write a glowing review.
Nicola Gilbert | October 2018 | View property

Thanking you for your help and the service you have supplied . I will be recommending your company to any others selling their homes in my area.
Allen Pierce | September 2018 | View property

Thanks a squillion for all your help, and your great web site... the house generated so much interest and I was let down twice... but the third time the sale was completed. I'm so happy ... Australia, here I come.
Gaby Hughes | August 2018 | View property

Our property in Greece has just been sold to a buyer from your website. Thank you very much for your help!
Katerina Kostaki | July 2018 | View property

Many thanks for your service, I am delighted to say that we have sold to a couple of your fellow residents of Oxfordshire. They viewed once on 2nd January, offered at the beginning of March and now contracts are signed with completion and moving dates of 19th September. Again many thanks - GREAT service!
Don Baggs | July 2018 | View property

Thank you for your service, it could not have been any better or easier to sell our Cyprus home.
David Murray | June 2018 | View property

We have just sold Aquilo at the "full asking price" - zipper-de-doo-dah! Thank you Magnolia Property!!
Nigel Edwards | June 2018 | View property

We just accepted an offer and yes the lead was from you, many thanks for a fantastic service, I will keep you updated.
Dave Murray | June 2018 | View property

Hi Ben, Just to let you know that fingers crossed we have sold our house. I have been reluctant to take the advert off but really can't see how anything can go wrong again. They have not Only paid the deposit, but the whole amount, but are in the middle of their 10 day cooling off period. We actually had a couple of offers, but excepted an offer from a couple who were ready to pay cash. Thanks a lot for your help.
Dinah Appleby | June 2018 | View property

We sold in a very difficult Greek market to a buyer from your website after only five months of advertising. Very happy, thank you!
N Tsiamakis | May 2018 | View property

Hi Ben, just to say that we have had three enquiries already and one viewing booked next week. Fingers crossed! So far so good!
Val Owen | April 2018 | View property

Please be aware that we have today signed a reservation contract for the property and therefore it is no longer for sale. For your information the purchaser was the last referal from you, a Dr Angelos Achilleos. Thank you very much for all your help and we certainly will recommend your company.
Mr and Mrs Robert Young | April 2018 | View property

Wow, what great pictures. I have to say Diego and his assistant were extremely charming and respectful, plus he has proved to be an excellent photographer. He spent two and a half hours with us trying to get the correct light for all outside shots. I would certainly recommend him for future clients.
Thank you for the pictures we just want to keep memories for the future, we are off the opinion that if our house will be sold eventually it will be via yourself and your contacts. We have nothing but praise for your website and the professional manner in which you work.
Keith Whibley | April 2018 | View property

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