Helping people to save money by selling their own home was the reason we started this website 17 years ago, so we love to know when it works! Our favourite emails are those from happy sellers letting us know that they've found a buyer or have been pleased with our service. Here are a selection...

I'm just asking you to discontinue my advert as I have accepted an offer and it looks as though it is going through. I have had many enquiries through your service and a serious offer but in the end it was a local estate agent who brought the buyer.
Jackie Sharpe | October 2017 | View property

I am pleased to advise you that we have finally found a buyer for our house in Berguenuse - through your website.
Eileen Perks | August 2017 | View property

Delighted with Magnolia Properties, since the General Election I have had a number of keen contacts and have made my choice. We hope to complete at the end of July. Ben, thank you very much indeed. Please mark the property as sold and remove it when you see fit.
Susan Tuckey | July 2017 | View property

Our property has been sold to couple from Nottingham that contacted us through your site. Thank you!
Julia Moise | July 2017 | View property

I am pleased to inform you that I have sold my property through your web site. Thank you Magnolia Property, the web site has been a brilliant platform to sell my property.
John Fletcher | June 2017 | View property

Sold from one the many leads your website generated for us. Many thanks for your help!
Ceri Thomas | June 2017 | View property

Just to let you know that we've now sold and the buyer was from one of your leads. Thank you!
Harry Whitehead | May 2017 | View property

Yes the lead certainly was from your website, thank you and it would never have happened if we had relied upon the Agent. You have been most helpful from start to finish thank you and I would certainly recommend you.
Rosemary Prentis | May 2017 | View property

Your service is first class and should matters not proceed to completion, I will not hesitate to return.
Ernest Carmichael | April 2017 | View property

This is to tell you that we have agreed a sale for our house in Cehegin and have received a deposit. Thank you, we have found Magnolia excellent to work with, and thank you especially for putting up with my rather out of date computer skills! Many thanks, Gill and Bob Hopps.
Gill and Bob Hopps | April 2017 | View property

We have sold our property. Many, many thanks!
Jane Anastasiades | April 2017 | View property

Our purchaser was actually a friend of one of our neighbours. However, having the website dedicated to the apartment was really helpful as they were able to know about it in their own country and then made a follow up visit to view. We will recommend Magnolia to others in the area if they decide to sell. Thank you for the support.
Andrew McGrath | March 2017 | View property

I had just three serious leads from your website but one of them turned out to be the buyer. I saved thousands in fees. Thanks
Warwick Forster | February 2017 | View property

I think Magnolia Property is an excellent way to sell your home abroad. I had two interested parties at a time when viewings were scarce. Although I sold though another source, I would market a property through Magnolia in the future. It was easy to set up the advert for the property and the feedback on number of viewings etc is an excellent feature. Thank you Magnolia.
John Fletcher | February 2017 | View property

We have been extremely satisfied with the results of our advertisement with Magnolia and the people who bought our property were the first to enquire within 2 weeks of listing the property. You offer a great service and we would, on our experience, recommend you to anybody.
John Moody | February 2017 | View property

We are thrilled with the response from your advertising and have accepted an offer on our property and the sale is progressing through solicitors already! thank you for excellent service.
Mr and Mrs England | January 2017 | View property

We have a buyer for our house and they came to us via your advert. We have signed the promissory contract and received the deposit.
Christina Anderton | December 2016 | View property

The service has been great and has really helped me circulate the ad for the property. I think I have sold my property but I might be back if it falls through.
Susan Briggs | December 2016 | View property

We have sold our home through your site. Thank you! We will give great feedback and have already recommended your site to numerous friends and family.
Mary Wilson | November 2016 | View property

Hello, we have found a buyer through Magnolia and hopefully it will go ahead this time. The service has been very good and I have recommended you to a couple of friends.
Lynda South | November 2016 | View property

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